billboard series 3

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billboard series 3

20"L x 14" H x 1" D

mixed media: on wood: acrylic paint, water color paint, billboard paper, collaged paper, nails, silver cord, glass jewels, beads, xerox paper

the middle part of this piece was done separately. i have a series of sketchbooks that i had made 2d collages in. every now and then i take out one of my earlier works and incorporate it into a new art piece. since my "style" of work changes as time passes i like to use the "old" with the "new". this keeps me in my original 2d collage roots and yet refreshes the piece into something different. maybe i should change the name of the series to "transformation"???

actually the "inside" collaged piece is "billboard" from italy and the "pink face" is torn from a billboard in new york. so it’s a "double billboard". i just realized that…it was unintentional, but i like the "double" effect.
since i didn’t realize this when creating this piece this underscores what i wrote about how i do my art in my profile…it is often "unconscious"…i never know from whence it comes!

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